Having this website has been one of the best business moves I’ve ever made

Image showing Website Design and Build for Marcus LuxtonI am extremely happy with the website that Michelle Hartman from Infonomix has created for me. In fact many of my clients have commented on what a fantastic professional website she has built.

More than that, without this website I wouldn’t have been able to start my business in Guernsey. Word-of-mouth was not sufficient to grow my business; people needed to see the standard of my work. In fact, I was having calls from people to book my services within an hour of seeing my website.

I attributed this to the quality and layout of the website as well as my own skills as a Farrier.

Within the first 2 weeks of the website going live, my predicted turnover had increased by £25,000 per annum. Since then I have taken on even more clients, allowing me to move my business to the Channel Islands completely (previously I had only been working there one week in five)

Having this website built has been one of the best business moves I’ve ever made. It’s a platform that allowed me to achieve my business goals and more.

Marcus Luxton


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