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Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO as it’s more often referred to, is exactly what it says…the optimisation (or adjustment) of a Businesses online presence, with the intention of attaining the highest possible position for them in the search engine results, plus the opportunity to increase their profit margin.

With ongoing research and implementation of changes that take into account the subtle changes that the search engines regularly impose on us, we are able to offer our clients the best service possible – one that keeps them ahead of their competition.


Traffic by Google Ranking

The diagram opposite shows the importance of having a high search engine position and shows the percentage of traffic that the top 10 positions onGoogle receive on average.

Here are just a few statistics that reinforce why you need to be at the very top of the search results:

72.3% of searchers prefer clicking on the natural listings that SEO helps you get. Only 27.7% prefer using the paid links on Google”

27% of people rarely, or never look, at more than one page of search engine results”

29% of people think the placement of a brand on the search results page reflects the importance of the brand company”

“Only 10% of searchers will even make it past the first page of Google results”

“The top 3 websites for searchers keywords will receive 63% of the clicks”


If Search Engine Optimisation is done correctly, the improved rankings will bring your website highly relevant traffic which will convert into new business.

At Infonomix, we understand SEO – our track record speaks for itself, and with this in mind we offer two distinct SEO Services:

  • Website SEO
  • Local SEO


Website SEO

Website Optimisation ensures that the search engines understand EXACTLY what your website is about.  This will result in the website achieving a higher position in the natural (or organic) search engine results than it would have done otherwise.  This is known as ‘On Page’ Optimisation.

As well as making changes to your website to let the search engines know what your website is about, it’s also important to generate additional references to your business across the internet for the search engines to find.  This extra information will add credibility to the website.  This is known as ‘Off Page’ Optimisation.

The majority of internet users use the three major commercial search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing, via relevant keywords and/or key phrases, to find what they are looking for, and this ‘adjustment’ increases the visibility of the website, making SEO extremely cost effective.

BUT – it doesn’t matter if you have the most attractive website in the world; if you are not getting traffic to your website you are not going to get any online sales or attract new customers.

And this is why SEO for a website is SO important!

Our Website SEO Service

At Infonomix we use a a combination of “on-page” and “off-page” optimisation to get your business to the top of the search results.

And whether we’ve built your business website or not, we can put together an online marketing campaign to suit your business and budget.


Local SEO

Dorset Local SEO Getting Found Locally

Did you know that  if you search on Google using just the word ‘restaurants’ for example, you will get presented with a whole list of LOCAL search results showing LOCAL restaurants, their phone number, how to find them etc.

Getting a Business to the top of the “LOCAL” results is achieved using Local SEO.

Here are a few statistics that may surprise you….

Here are a few statistics that may surprise you, and make you want to use Local SEO for your business….

77% of UK consumers have used the Internet to find local businesses in the last 12 months (Source BrightLocal)

73% of activity online today is in one way or another related to local content!

74% of Internet users perform local searches

90% of online commercial searches result in offline bricks and mortar purchases

80% of consumer budgets are spent within 50 miles of the home

61% of local searches result in purchases

54% of Americans have substituted the internet and local search for phone books

82% of local searchers follow up offline via an in-store visit, phone call or purchase

25% of internet searches have a purely local, commercial focus

Having said this, people do like to shop locally, and still enjoy physically visiting a store – I guess it comes down to that ‘touchy/feely’ thing. But statistics show that they will have done a bit of local online research before they commit to a purchase.

Search engines have subsequently recognised the growing importance of local business search and responded accordingly.

Google, as you would expect, is constantly updating and refining how it is representing it’s local search results. It has therefore developed what it calls Places for Business, and a business can get online today by signing up with this service. It’s free to join, and you don’t even need to have a website.

And of course, Yahoo and Bing also offer similar local listing services as they also want a slice of the ‘local’ market.

Our Local SEO Service

At Infonomix, our Local SEO service comprises the creation and optimisation of Google Places for Business listings, along with the creation and optimisation of local listings for Yahoo and Bing too.

The Local SEO Service also includes the generation of additional “Local” references to your business across the internet for the search engines to find.

As with website optimisation, it is within a Businesses interests to attain the highest position possible in the local search results, and hence be in front of potential clients.


So, Does a Business NEED Search Engine Optimisation?

I guess the short answer is NO – it doesn’t!


To succeed in today’s world your business needs to be ‘online’ and, more importantly, it needs to be easily FOUND!

When Search Engine Optimisation is done correctly, an improved search engine position, achieved by targeting the best keywords or key phrases, will result in highly relevant traffic being driven to your website, which will then convert into new customers.